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PSC result 2017 Exam of bangladesh:

psc result 2017
Primary school certificate or PSC is a government exam that is taken under the primary board of Bangladesh, it is also known as PEC or Primary Education Completion. In order to participate in this examination, students from the school board approved by the Bangladesh Education Board in the fifth grade must have passed the test and students have to sit in the main examination on the date set by the Board. This test is also known as the primary closing test. Primary school certificate PSC test is introduced from 2009. Although the results of divisional results for the first two years have been given in grading methods since 2011. Since 2010, the test was increased for half an hour to two and a half hours.

Report about PSC exam:

I was shocked to hear a news published on the first page of the first light on Tuesday (December 25, 2012). Do not be surprised or shocked; Because the news of this pudding was already known and there was tremendous fear and anxiety in my life. The news is that, in both the secondary and higher secondary exams, a large number of GPA-5 students are not getting pass number in Dhaka University admission test. The numerical statistics that are presented in this report are unfortunate, tragic, and dangerous for future Bangladesh. According to the report, 44 thousand 642 students of GPA-5 received A, B and C units in the first year of the graduation award this year. In this, 19, 868 people or 45 percent of the exams passed. The remaining 55 percent of the students could not have passed. In the year 2010 and 2011, this rate of gratitude was 52 and 53 percent respectively. Imagine once, 55 percent of the GPA-5 students did not get the pass number in Dhaka University admission test. It is a very tragic news for Bangladesh to test the quality of education.
I think about the July 19th of the newspapers. His previous day’s Higher Secondary Education results were published. The face of smiling students on the first page of all magazines. The faces are full of joy, new possibilities in the eyes and strong conviction to move forward in the step. It looked good to see the small brown faces filled with excitement. But after analyzing the results and getting the numbers back, I was surprised.
In 2003, results for the first time in the Higher Secondary and equivalent examination were published in the grade point average (GPA-5) system. Only 20 students got GPA-5 for the first time. After nine years, 51 thousand 469 students received GPA-5 in the Higher Secondary Examination 2012. Seeing average pass rate of 76.5 percent and seeing a large number of students getting GPA-5, many may feel that the study is good at high school! But we are sure that the real truth is very heartbreaking when we see that 55 percent of the GPA-5 students in Dhaka University admission test can not be passed.
After seeing the average pass rate of 76.50 percent and more than 50 thousand GPA-5 students, I talked to a few college teachers to know about the pot. They told me that after the completion of the Higher Secondary exam, the written instructions were given to the teachers from the education boards while preparing the details of various subjects. In that direction, there are instructions for generous numbers. PSC result 2017

It is also said in the instructions that whatever the student is wrong, he will have to give the number. And increase the number to increase. The student who is not eligible for a pass number, has to give the pass number or the maximum number. With increasing number of students, the student who is eligible to get 50 marks, gets 60, 65, 70 or more. Following the generous policies for numbering, merit blasts were artificially created. In the higher secondary results we see thousands of students got GPA-5. But in reality, thousands of students found in the GPA-5, Golden GPA can not pass the Dhaka University, Medical or BUET admission test.
A student may be eligible for 50 or 60. But by increasing the number, he could get GPA-5. It did not reflect the true talent and quality of the students. The student may have got GPA-5 in the result, but it did not even remove the weaknesses of his language or the shallowness of his knowledge based on his knowledge. When a student of GPA-5 found out about the poor foundation of language and subjective shallow knowledge, and took admission in Dhaka University, Medical and BUET examinations, then his incompetence was leaked. The number of students who are eligible for the number of students, medical or BUET admission test is not given, and the number is given. It can be seen that most students found in GPA-5 desperately disqualified! PSC result 2017
In the light of the experience of the past few years, I felt that the foundation of the language of most students found in GPA-5 is very weak, subject based knowledge is very shallow and ‘seriousness’ to study is frustrating. I have long been known as ‘Coaching Center Generation’ or ‘MKSU Generation’ or ‘Mobile Phone’ Generation. I am frustrated day and night with the average standard of law department of Dhaka University. Since graduation in law, many meritorious students have been admitted to this department. Among the people who are admitted through the B unit of Dhaka University, there is a lot of enthusiasm among those who are in the merit list for admission in law, economy, international relations and the English department. Even after admission through such a admission process, I see that the standard of the law department students is decreasing alarmingly. The condition of other departments of Dhaka University is better than that.
Basically, the overall system is responsible for the alarming decline in education standards. Not giving proper education regarding language, schooling, lack of subject-matter teaching and teaching, lack of reading about textbooks, trends of success in ‘shortcut’ way, reliance on coaching centers, enhancing the merits of artificial explosion by increasing numbers; The result is the collapse of education.

Public comments about PSC result:

Many people can call me selfish or Saddist. But when we read such news, I can give myself a little bit of comfort. Our time was like GPA-5 or Golden Gloden Fleech. Near impossible. The result of the examination was education and qualification. And now the result of SSC and HSC is political. Junkhakha GPA-5, or Golden-5 is available. The same teachers gave us 3.50 and they are giving the same hands to the Golden-5. Selukas, Selukas. The merit of examination, the hard work is now fully political. There is pressure from the corpore on the government to show results like this. (B.D.: My writing is not for those who have received GPA-5 in studies.)
——- Md Fahad / PSC result 2017
Our education system is largely responsible for the condition of GABA-5 in admission tests. This result of miscellaneous, test-centric education system. Now again closing the class 5, JSC exam will bring back those memories and experimental education system. Understanding will be done through pure entertainment, not keeping the magic stone in the chest.
—— Ataur rahman / PSC result 2017
GPA5 or GPA Golden 5 has been so easy to find that there is no other value now. I remember that in the 1967 SSC examination of the Dhaka Board, we had only 265 first division among the Humanities department. There were roughly the same number before or after. This meant that there was an urgent need to focus more on students’ education. As a result, the students of the third division, even the students passed in the third division, did not have enough knowledge to get out of school and get admitted to the university. But now the method of study has been made so easy that students or their guardians can not understand how much they learned, no work will be done with this teaching.
——- Shuvro ahmed / PSC result 2017
No test was done in 1971 (without trial of the razakars which were later canceled). As a result, the session gaps were completed by starting a short course from 72 to 75. Tests are also very flexible. But since the end of 1975, the rules of martial law were introduced and strict rules were introduced at the later rates. The rate passed by BA exam of 1976 was 1’9%. After that, no other day did the situation in the early 72’s. Can not I repeat that arrangement? Those who get GPA 5 will have the right to sign the merit, but the results of such results will not be the confidence of the people on the GPA system.
—— S. Rahman
Really said Sir. Most of the results of such cases of superannuation in SSC and HSC exams could have been ignored. But as a result of the greed of showing Mulaye to the general public, as many as 50 found students got 80. It’s a big corruption. When will we be able to free the country’s most important corruption?
—— Shihan / PSC result 2017
As a current trend, anyone can buy DU The admission test passed, he got a place in the university … the writer is probably not aware of this. There is nothing to do with the welfare of the students … rather the policies of the DU Executive Force. For example, the admission question for the account is very different from what is taught in SSC and HSC. ………. All maths are based on different formulas and styles. The same is true for English. Bottom line, students can not be judged on the question of all embryonic examinations taken by the university during the admission test. The author has a problem that’s OK …… but it’s a completely different area. Total waste is spent on each student (about 1 year) spent preparing himself for the admission test (and a lot of profit for coaching business!).
—— Arafat / PSC result 2017
The most intriguing thing is that we are creating thousands of frustrated unemployed. We hope to increase their hopes with more than what they deserve. Private universities will offer bigger degrees in exchange for fat money for these students in the public university. Then the result – thousands of educated unemployed!
—– Mahmud
Expecting something better is wrong. The teachers in the school college are privately taught and coaching business. Parents are encouraged to study suggestions and get a good result. Anyone who can not be found can read, learn to understand, understand and understand. Everyone says to get good results. The government gives such directions to increase the pass rate, which gives correction to the rules. Wrong to write the number! Hey Dad, how are the numbers assigned to the wrong answer? Nobody thinks that. What is the benefit of students in the minds of the students, the parents? So increase the pass rate, find such a simple method to get a good result! Truly, all of us are different !!! Let the future of the country fall, but we will be on this foolishness
—— Raisa / PSC result 2017
For many years since independence, we saw big passes on 50% of the board. And now? Various governments have only been able to showcase the progress of their education. We did not have a coaching center throughout Bangladesh. And now? Any student who passes in Fast Division (above average 60) means that there is a huge difference. And if Star mark (above average 80) gets the sky, the imagination of the imagination. And now? We did not even have a guide, note, suggestion. And now? There was not even the thought of reading private on our head. The teacher guided the guide, so there was a huge demand and omission for us. And now? So, the rate of pass rate has increased, but the quality of writing is going down in the abyss. The reality of which has just begun.
—– Joynul abedin / PSC result 2017

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